Petit Jardin Milano bloomed in Italy in 2009 inspired by the mother of all beauties; nature. Being surrounded by a privileged parade of breathtaking landscapes, we want to accompany you in a journey through this unique land.

From the gardens of Boboli, through the Valley of the Temples and the hills of Tuscany, we harvest the best of Italian nature by capturing the multiple benefits of its local phytotherapy into precious elixirs for your skin.

We like to think of this collection of cocktails and blends of pure bio-certified organic jewels, as a small garden fertile in active and nutritious ingredients exclusively dedicated for your wellbeing.

Love, Passion, Respect, Research and Quality: these are the values that nourish the ground in which our cosmetics grow destined to become your unstoppable daily allies for your protection and care.

Petit Jardin Milano, nature by your side.